My backyard tonight …

Simple pleasure

More of nature’s art

Pattern 0001

Pattern 0003

Pattern 0002

Weekly Photo Challenge: Pattern

Pattern 0004

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Weekly Photo Challenge: From Above

From above 0007

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A bit o’ baseball

pitch CatchBaseball 0003 Baseball 0002 Baseball 0001 Baseball 0012 Baseball 0018 Baseball 0026Run Run 1

Sky stream

Sometimes to reach the clouds, all you need to do is know where to place your feet.

A little variety 0009

Because I needed it …

A bit o’ stop action fun

flag and plane
Honey Bee 1 Honey Bee 2train


Now that I have an idea how to shoot the moon,I am experimenting with photo manipulation to get some of those cool moon pics. This is obviously “photoshopped” (actually gimped), but not bad for a first try, and now I have an inkling of how to do it 🙂

Moon shot 0002