I am just an ordinary guy who occasionally gets a glimpse of the extraordinary. Sometimes I am able to express my glimpses in words. Sometimes in photos. If you wish to get a bit of who I am, visit Who is this guy anyway?. But the best way to understand my view of the world (if in fact you are interested in my view of the world) is by reading what I write and viewing my photographs. The photographs will appear here if I am a good boy. For the brave among you who are not afraid of a good rant or to be challenged by odd thoughts, you might like to take a peek at The odd ramblings of a mind that does not quite fit. Or if you are up for a little bit of humor, maybe try The Ninja Cat Journals.

For those who prefer the power of photography, I hope I manage to occasionally share the beauty I find in the world with what I share here. Enjoy! And feedback is always welcome!!


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  1. Paula says:

    Brave ones also need a special permission to access odd ramblings 😀

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