This weeks theme was a bit of a challenge for me. It is not that I can’t hink of many ways to represent love, more a lack of opportunity to take an appropriate photo. Then one of my recent daily activities made me realize that I have the perfect image right before me on a daily basis. No it is not and addiction to FB. What it is, is an example of the angelic side of the World Wide Web. It is a group of people from all over the world; a group of all ages; a group from with many different religious and political beliefs. In short, a  simple group of humans; humans who share one very basic but powerful bond … LOVE. The picture may not be some work of art, but the meaning behind it could not be more powerful. This group is one of the main inspirations for my new attempt to help save the world. So it seemed appropriate to honor them in this way.


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  1. jamal says:

    waw buddy it is wonderful group .

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  3. Wonderful words Steve , so Lucky to have you on the group , I hope your dream become true someday and see the world better place , with love , respect , as one family !

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