As Spring gives random hints of appearing, and in an effort to do something more lighthearted after some recent posts, I offer this:


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  1. Great shot, I wonder how you captured this little one 😉

    • Taochild says:

      It has the aspect of floating doesn’t it? But that is the magic of cropping and not skill with the camera 🙂 It was actually stuck to the kitchen window.

      • well that’s an honest answer! I really thought it was floating, great shot still!

      • Taochild says:

        I do often aspire to capture such objects in motion, and have managed once or twice, but it is the rarity (and usually more luck than skill). This one was simply a gift of spring 🙂 Thank you!

  2. […] on purpose, so now I  post with this idea in mind. Sometimes the photo comes first (the case with today’s photo), sometimes a random thought or creation posted here, sometimes an event I share on the Ninja Cat […]

  3. writingisl0ve says:

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