I don’t normally play with photo editing software other than to do some basic cropping and color correction, but every once in a while I’ll play because it enhances the vision a bit. In this instance, I have modified four pictures (three from the iPhone), all sharing the same theme, and though they again are not the best quality as far an actual photo goes, the content to me is very haunting and evocative. The first three are of my parents … all dealing with my dad’s journey into Alzheimer’s. The fourth is offered for contrast. It truly is the essence of regret to me.

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  1. Crying now. Beautiful. I knew you were going to include that photo of Dad in the office.

  2. […] This particular epiphany happened as I was looking in the mirror shaving this morning. I was looking at this tired, aging, overweight, unkempt man and thinking unkind thoughts at him. At the same time other thoughts were dancing a wonderful dance in my mind. Thoughts of recent events in my life. Thoughts of recent conversations. Snippets of what was and what will be. And ideas for the Weekly Photo Challenge (“Regret” this week). […]

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  4. […] Weekly Photo Challenge: Regret (taochildseyes.wordpress.com) […]

  5. Jo Bryant says:

    Wow – this is so poignant. What you did with the editing software highlights this story. Really beautifully heartbreaking

  6. […] Weekly Photo Challenge: Regret (taochildseyes.wordpress.com) […]

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