Frequently, I see the world as I would through the lens of a camera. For anyone who has a passion for photography, this makes perfect sense. We see something in terms of what kind of picture it would make, which is often quite different than what others might see. This can be quite frustrating when Camera Vision sets in and no camera is available, something that has happened to me quite often. That said, I will often see something in and around my house that requires I run for the camera. I saw this yesterday:

 Unfortunately, as is often the case, my lack of skill did not actually let me capture what I saw, but it is still a decent picture. As I walked through the kitchen to put the camera away, I was still viewing the world with Camera Vison, and was caught by another image:

 Once again the skill with machine did not quite match the mind’s eye, but this time I played with settings to get this alternative:

 Sometimes my Camera Vision and my skill align. Sometimes they do not. But even when I don’t specifically catch the vision I see, it does not mean the pics are not something to enjoy.


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