This is officially my third blog. Poor world!! I started with The odd ramblings of a mind that does not quite fit, which is still my primary blog. That is a blog devoted to “Expressing life through the power of words”. It is an exploration of creation, philosophy and all things that makes the world what it is today, with writing as the primary method of communicating (though sometimes I have dabbled in other mediums). I also created The Ninja Cat Journals, dedicated to the humor found in everyday life … but still expressed with words.

As much as I enjoy writing, and value the Power of Words, sometimes words are just inadequate. I find that often a good photograph says so much more than mere words. Photography is another one of my passions, and I like to think I have some skill. I tried creating a photo site to share some of my favorite pics, and while the site is kind of cool, it does not easily allow interaction with viewers, does not load very quickly, and is kind of difficult to maintain.I will keep that site active as well, because it IS cool and fun to play with, but I wanted to create a new forum to share my photos in a way that allows for feedback if people are so inclined. So here is my attempt! I hope others find pleasure it what I share here!


About Taochild

Kind of like a transformer.

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